Frequently Asked Questions

  • When you subscribe you will immediately have access to week 1 of your Grounded Mind Program. Every following week your meditations will become available on Mondays. You will receive an email with a reminder and a link to the newest meditation. Do them in order, as the tools build upon each other. You will also have access immediately to all the content in the Single and Series sections to do at your choosing.

  • The Grounded Mind Program is a one year program broken down into individual themes by month.

  • There are lots of meditations that focus just on breathing or saying a mantra, and they are all wonderful.  We have nothing negative to say about them.  But Grounded Mind has a finely tuned structure where you don’t just sit in silence and hope for the best, but where you learn practical tools to clean out the noise in your head, ground yourself, have boundaries, and learn how to find your own answers.

  • There are endless studies and articles citing the benefits of meditation on lowering blood pressure, easing anxiety, calming the mind, boosting creativity, and creating an overall sense of well being. On a deeper level, meditation can help you release old stuck emotions, and unplug from the noise of the world. It can also create clarity around difficult decisions, assist in finding answers to life’s deepest questions, and even help you rest in a level of inner-peace and truth that you didn’t know was possible.

  • Meditate for as long as you feel is necessary and then sit a bit longer.  Just like in exercise, it isn’t until the last push that you really make progress. There is a saying in Zen, meditate for an hour, but if you don’t have time, meditate for two. 10-20 minutes a day is a great place to start.

  • There is no one right way to sit.  Try a chair, try a pillow with your legs crossed, try lying down.  Whatever is most comfortable for your body.   Having an erect straight spine tends to keep us more alert and awake, but if you have an injury or need to lay down once in a while the meditation police won’t be coming after you here!

  • Well, you seriously thought wrong.  This style of meditation is light-hearted, because if you live on Earth you’ve probably already experienced enough heaviness and seriousness.  If you want to let go of old stuck pain, find silence and peace, or tap into your creativity, then you want to be natural and flexible with your awareness.  Most people’s natural state is not seriousness, it’s playfulness, but in our progression from kindergarten to adulthood we become really serious.  Humor is the grease that allows energy to flow.  Find your own style and enjoy yourself.

  • If you give yourself the space to grow then there is always the opportunity that your relationships will grow as well. When you meditate you become less reactive, more compassionate and usually more sensitive and aware of others’ emotions.  If you can tap into your authentic self and express it into the world, you may find others appreciate, value and attract to that kind of energy.

  • You can learn to meditate at work even with your eyes open and tap into more energy and creativity.  If you can go within and find your inspiration at work it can definitely lead to a more fulfilling and fruitful career.

  • Most of the meditations last 10-20 minutes.  You don’t want your sex to last 5 or 6 minutes (most of the time), and so your meditations shouldn’t either.  In physical exercise there is a threshold for a minimal workout getting you in shape.  Running for one minute or doing 5 pushups might not do the trick for you body, and the same goes for meditation and your mind.

  • It’s just like if you took music class, martial arts or yoga.  There are new tools, techniques and pieces to be learned and integrated that take practice.  Listen and re-listen to the meditation each week, practice on your own time, and integrate.

  • Sure! Whatever works.  Don’t lie down every time because your body is used to going to sleep when you lie down and meditation is about being more awake.  Of course once in a while is great.  Remember, most of all, just enjoy yourself.

  • Then you’ll probably have a great nap or sleep because you went unconscious in a calm way.  Meditation is a healthy door to walk into sleep through.

  • Possibly… are you stressed about this question?  Many people report a reduction in anxiety and stress from meditating.  Taking the time for yourself, calming your breath, and relaxing your body will improve your ability to deal with stressful situations.  Meditation doesn’t replace your mental health professional, but it can aid in helping you through rough patches with their assistance.

  • Many people have healed from various illnesses and pain through meditation.  Too much stress and anxiety can cause harm to the body, and a reduction of tension through meditation may have physical benefits.  We can’t make any promises but it’s definitely possible.

  • There is no specific belief structure in these meditations, every person has the freedom to choose whatever secular, spiritual or religious tradition suits them best and can use the tools to enhance their own development however they see fit.

  • You can have your money back! We don’t want money with energetic resentment residue on it. 30 day money back guarantee!  Just email us here!

What if I have other questions?

Then ask them! Email us at [email protected]