David Gandelman is the founder of Grounded Mind, host of the Energy Matters Podcast, and teaches meditation at Cornell University. When David was 16 he began meditating deeply and studying a variety of meditative traditions. You don’t have to be in the Himalayas to find peace of mind, but it doesn’t hurt to learn from someone who has. With over 10 years of teaching experience, David  has cultivated a program where he connects energy awareness, ancient wisdom traditions, and humor, to create a safe atmosphere for learning meditation.

His desire is to bring these guided meditations and tools to people all over the world has led to the creation of Grounded Mind. David currently travels, teaching workshops, retreats, and giving talks across the North America. Please go to the events page to find out where he will be next.

If you’d like to work one on one with David click here, and if you’d like to  have him come teach a workshop or give at talk for your company, organization, yoga studio, or school, please contact Jona at [email protected]